Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shades of Autumn

It's Autumn here in the North East of Victoria, and I thought I might share a little of it with you...... some from our little homestead and some from the area..........

I love this tree in our yard, how it changes with the seasons
Morning Fog  (see the new garden I'm building in the foreground)

Lambs in some of the paddocks in the area
Time to gather wood supplies for the fire to keep warm through winter!
Apples (Pink Lady's)  fresh from the orchard

Hay on the Move - a normal part of traffic around here .


Cheryll said...

I've just enjoyed a lovely visit with you in your neck of the woods!
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Yes i am with Cheryll,lovely pics Sharm and thankyou for the tour,enjoy your weekend.xx

Sharmayne said...

Glad to have you both stop by... Did you smell the apples cooking on the stovetop :) I'm now on 3 weeks leave (during which time I celebrate my 50th!!!). I'm about to sit down now with the knitting needles in front of the fire! You 2 gals have a great weekend also.

Christine M said...

My husband would love that pile of wood. He spent the morning yesterday chopping wood getting our pile ready for the winter! Those apples look yummy.

Lindy said...

Hi Sharmayne. I came across your blog in the comments of Attic 24 which I follow avidly. I enjoyed your blog and I have subscribed to you posts and joined as a friend. I am also in Australia, in Wollongong, and have a blog which you might like to look at and even join. Kind regards, Lindy

Mrs. Doug said...

Happy birthday! So strange to see fall pictures when we're just beginning our planting. Peas are peeking up and I planted some new herbs this year. I gotta get blogging again. It's been pretty busy with a new little guy to cuddle and snuggle with. Mmmm fresh pink lady apples. I do like them very much. I'm actually eating one today while at work. Not as good as fresh ones though.

Hope you have a great day!