Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm loving it!

I can hardly believe that the first week of my holidays is coming to an end. The week has flown by, but I've enjoyed each of my days.  I have to say, it is a lovely feeling waking up and going to bed knowing you don't have to head to work the next day!  It's giving me time to relas, destress and work on getting my home nice and clean, projects finished, started and worked on, and time for pampering as well.  With my birthday (the big 50) arriving next week, I've been blessed with a couple of early gifts....... the first was from my work mates - this was how I found my desk on the last day before my holidays started!  They gave me a great afternoon tea and a wonderful gift - a basket full of bulbs - 75 in all and a great variety.  I'm planning on digging a separate garden for them to let them become a lovely showpiece.  Thanks girls (and boys).  Scruffy loves sniffing flowers and sitting in them, so he had a great time checking out the bulbs LOL
Stace decided she would also give me an early pressie from her, Pete, Scruffy and our bird Cliff....
A gift card to have my hair done, including a pamper package, coffee and chocolated,,,,,,,,, Very Nice!

So this was the Before photo

And this is the after photo with all the scraggly ends gone

This is the after back view
This week has also seen me doing some deep cleaning as we head into winter, I want the house cleaned out well, with all the dusting done, furniture has been moved, and oiled down and more decluttering and sorting has been going on, with things finding proper homes and new places to "live".  And then of course there has been time for the purchase of more wool and yarn and getting stuck into a few projects.  I'll check in with more photos next time.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Sharm and what a lovely present to receive a pamper pack and bulbs,great ideas,enjoy your holidays.xx

Christine M said...

Happy birthday for next week Sharm. What lovely work friends you have. That was a great idea of giving you a basket of bulbs. Looking forward to seeing the flowers in the future. It always makes you feel nice when you get your hair done, doesn't it. I know I do. Glad you're enjoying your holidays.

rosie said...

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday Sharm, and are able to do something you love on the day.. I am a couple of years ahead of you, so I can tell you that it doesn't hurt a bit!!!
I love cleaning and getting the house into order too, it's just a shame it doesn't last!

Cheryll said...

Well hip hip hooray for next week. The big 50 eh?...with many more still to come too!
Have a great one! :)