Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Left overs Turn Fab

I stumbled upon a fantastic crocheted bag that could be made with lots of left overs.............. ok, so instead of left overs I went and bought a whole rainbow coloured collection of yarn so I could have a go at making up a few of these little bags to have ready for some birthday gifties for my grand daughter and little nieces later this year!  It was super easy and I'm really pleased with how it's come up.  Aren't the little flowers soooo cute! I loved making them and can see alot more flowers are going to be getting made with left over scraps!!  Head over to Attic 24 to find the pattern.

After being relatively inactive on the crochet front for a number of years, up until I got the bug for the dishcloths last year...... it's nice to begin branching out again with some nice easy patterns that give such a great reward...  Thans again Lucy for sharing your pattern with us.


And if anyone is wondering about how well the crocheted dishcloths go....... I have a couple just now beginning to fall apart after a year of very hard work!  Each night they get thrown into the wash basket (sooner if I've been doing lots of cleaning with them during the day) - so they work great & look so much nicer on the kitchen sink than the old "chux cloth"!

Last night we had roast chicken for dinner and we had a bit left over from it, so I decided to jazz it up a bit and hey presto........ left over chicken turns into chicken vol e vonts!

It was super easy............ a bit of butter or marg into the frying pan, add sliced mushrooms and very finely sliced broccolli, a bit of salt, pepper to taste & approx 1/4 tsp of curry powder. Saute/ fry till the vegies are looking tender, then add a bit of plain flour to the pan (I added a couple tablespoons) & stir in - now take the pan off the heat while you add a bit of water - small amounts & stir it in so you don't get lumps forming.  About 1/3 cup water.  Now add milk to tthe pan, coontinue to stir it in and place back on the heat - keep stirring & add milk to make into a thickened sauce.  Once you are fairly happy with it - add chopped up chicken & stir.  Place into bought vol u vent cases and then pop a little grated cheese on top - now into the oven (preheated up high) for about 5 - 10 mins till heated & cheese melted.................. all done ready to eat!


Anonymous said...

such a cute bag Sharm and thankyou for sharing your recipe.xx

Cheryll said...

What a GReaT post today... love all of it!
Well done! :)

Christine M said...

I love your bag Sharm. Especially the flowers! mmm the voulevonts look yummy!

Wendy said...

Your crochet bag is gorgeous, and congratulations on your 50th!!