Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Page Starts

Like many of you, I too made some goals for this year, some of which would come under the heading of further organizing my home, time, garden & craftwork. Particularly since we had the big interstate move just 9months ago & things are still finding "homes" to live, so.......... With the first week of January almost over I'm pleased to say that I've made a good start.  I  also decided in an effort to keep on top of those organizational goals I would start a new page on my blog devoted entirely to this subject.  Then I got thinking that just maybe there would be some other gals out there who just might like to "take this trip" right along with me, so I've added a little button to my side bar.............. so if this sparks your interest just click on the button & have a read, then if you want to continue on with me, leave me a comment with your name & title of your blog, then pop the button onto your blog with a link back to me.  And since its always nice to recieve a little bit of encouragement, every 6 wks I will randomly choose a participant who has my button on their blog to receive a little gift.  Happy Organizing! 

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Mrs. Doug said...

We in the US have been hearing all about the flooding in Australia and since I am still not too sure about where you're from I was thinking about you lots. Just thought I'd pop in and see if you were floating. Looks like you're doing OK so far. Might be nice to have a LITTLE water to fill your pond :)

I love what you've done with the garden. We don't grow roses. It's far to humid... the slugs would have a feast. We do have peonies though and they make up for it. I do have a climbing wild rose that we transplanted that is doing very well.

I'm not too good with goal setting right now. There are far too many changes going on here on our farm. We will be having an excavator come in this summer and work on drainage, so it's a little hard to plan where the flower beds will be etc. Soon this will all be done and I'll get to play.

Right now everything is covered with 24 inches of fresh snow!

Summer's only 5 months away.

Hope all is well.