Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Beginning:

Well here is my very first post on my new blogsite. It would have been nice to stay with my other site..... Suburban Homestead, but since we have decided we will be moving back to the country, & hopefully be on at least a couple of acres, the title of the blog, just does not give justice anylonger. So with this, the big decision has been made to start afresh on a new blog. For those who may be wondering, we are currently on a suburban block in northern Queensland, Australia............ that's hot & tropical..... lots of humidity and after living here for 8 months, we have had enough and are heading back down south to the Victorian countryside, where we lived for 7 years before moving the 3000kms up here. On Feb 28 we fly to Melbourne & hire a vehicle to go travelling to some of the Murray River country townships looking for our new home. I'm quite excited about it, and have already started packing boxes here! Still, in the meantime, life continues here....................

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