Sunday, February 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend its been here! We had our first open inspection here today, which has meant lots of pre cleaning & setting things to look "just right"! So most of today was spent doing that.............. yesterday however, it was Pete & I busy packing up as much stuff as we could into boxes, crates, baskets! Lots of sorting still going on, even though we only moved 7 mths ago, still we have found stuff that can be either thrown out or given away :)
Now, with only 2 weeks to go before we fly to Melbourne & head up country looking for our future home, there is an excitment in the air. We are checking out the real estate websites, discussing, planning & praying. This week I have to book our hire vehicle that will do all the trekking around with us. It's hard to imagine that in 3 weeks time we will have put a contract on a house ............. somewhere................. & be planning our moving day!

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Terry said...

Hi Sharm,

I'm doing this project too :) Love you new blog...very pretty!