Saturday, October 8, 2016

Crazy Days and Flooded Rivers

Up into the car park and around the park
With all the rain the rivers are flooded and overflowing and have caused damage for a number of people, but here we are fine, and I've only had one day where I've been unable to get to work due to flood waters across the main road to Wangaratta. The Murray River has flooded its banks and the walking track is under water, as is the jetty and half the car park leading to the flooded boat ramp.
The Jetty a couple of days before it went under
The swans with babies before the floods got right up

Jetty and picnic tables under

Rather, its been other craziness that has been keeping me away from writing my blog.  After
getting so sick I found I'd lost all interest in anything craft wise and it hasn't been until this week that I finally picked up my knitting needles to finish off this 3/4 sleeve jumper "Bear River", another Laura Aylor pattern.  At the time, I was happy with the length, but after wearing it the other morning I'm wondering if I should have made it just a tad longer??

With Friday Night with Friends suddenly upon us, I thought I might sit down and do some stitching of one sort or another - seems all I have managed to do is tidy up the craft cabin and work out what birthday gifts now need to get done before its Christmas!!!  I really need to get that side of things moving along!  I have managed to get a couple of dishcloths made for a friend to send off with a letter to her ....... hope they helped you Lyn to be able to see the difference with the types of cottons.

When Pete and I returned from the wedding in Brisbane, Dad had decided he definitely wanted to return to Brisbane and had made enquiries about a serviced unit in Janoah Gardens (a retirement village in his old stomping grounds of years ago - it even sits on land that once upon a time Dad's family had a small farm holding on!)  So once over the flu, I was busy getting his unit placed onto the market and beginning all that comes with
Maryborough Marina - tide out
that ........ its now looking quite promising that it may be sold - so fingers crossed!!

With that knowledge and the recent one day adventure to Maryborough and Hervey Bay with our friends whilst up for the wedding - Pete came home from work a couple weeks after our return and stated he is pretty close to ready to retire!!  Now that could mean a couple of months or another year or two and is dependant on a number of things that need to fall into place.  Mortgages, particularly of the larger type, are not something one can retire with when there is little to no superannuation to pay them out.  We had agreed we would stay here and continue to work to enable Dad to be able to move down to be closer to us, but with him keen to move back to an area he knows better and to have the care he may need in the next couple of years (which we cannot provide if we still have to be working), we are now "free" to be able to make other viable decisions for our "where to next" chapter of life. 

View from The Ridges Motel Room at Sydney Airport
So with some secret squirrel business and the help of a convenient long weekend, we decided to take a plane trip back up to Maryborough to take a look at some of the houses up there.  We flew out of Albury to Sydney on the Thursday night and stayed at one of the hotels at the Airport before having to be out of there by 4.45am to get back to the domestic section for an early flight out of Sydney to Hervey Bay.  We had quite the hectic time looking at lots of places - nothing is sorted or finalised yet, but our friends Chrissy and Denise came up from Gympie to have lunch with us on the Saturday, after which Pete and I headed down to the Marina to sit and enjoy it all.  Check out the mother duck that came by with her ducklings to eat the small crabs as the tide was going out......

And as we sat there sipping on some drinks and watching the world pass by, I happened to look over and saw this sign for Siromet Winery - how funny, as that was the Winery where the wedding had been held and initially led us to Maryborough in the first place!  I just had to take a photo of that!!

Sunday morning we headed to Hervey Bay early to have breakfast and enjoy the sunshine before having to fly back.  It was fun talking to people who were on the jetty catching fish - such a lovely atmosphere and nice weather, it was hard to leave it behind!

So I've been busy helping Dad with his viewings for his unit and meantime trying to do some Decluttering around our place.  We need to do some serious Decluttering if we are planning on a big move again as I sure do not want to take stuff we don't need to take, or things we won't have room for (including lots of ornaments I'm not fussed on dusting anymore, or boxes of stuff waiting to be sorted from the last move!!).....................  I feel the winds of change in the air .........
Canola Fields around Yarrawonga

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let's Catch Up ..............

Finally I'm able to sit down to catch you all up on the last few weeks ......... You may want to grab a cuppa as I share .............
First there was the trip up to Brisbane to attend the wedding of my cousin Sharlene.  She was married at a Winery in Mt Cotton, just on the south of Brisbane. It was a lovely wedding and we were able to catch up with some of my family on Dad's side.  He decided he would not bother to go up for the wedding and this enabled Pete and I to have a much needed bread away. 
My Cousin Natalie and I (she was bridemaid)


Dad has not settled into life in Victoria (the winter is made worse since it has been wetter than usual, and Dad resents having to turn on a heater).  Dad has now made the decision to put his unit on the market and move back to Brisbane..........     It has been nice getting to take him to various places which he seems to have enjoyed ..... particularly if  tea and cake were on the menu lol

Taking a couple of extra days to enjoy some much needed time away, we arrived in Brisbane and hired a car, driving up to Gympie where we were going to stay with some friends of ours for a couple of nights before heading back to Brisbane on Saturday for the wedding. 

They have 5 Border Collie dogs and a couple of cats to help keep them in line lol.  Let me  It was lovely getting to spend some time with Chrissie and Denis again. 

On Friday they decided it would be nice to head to Maryborough and Harvey Bay for the day.   It was great getting to see the ocean again and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Harvey Bay and spent some time in a few opp shops and antique stores in Maryborough. 

Surprisingly, it is only 1.5hrs from Gympie (3hrs from Brisbane). 

Pete and I were both quite smitten with all the lovely old Queenslander style homes around
Maryborough and I'm sure if we had more time we would have been doing lots of exploring - such beautiful old buildings around the town.

 On Sunday morning after the wedding, it was nice to wake up in the centre of Brisbane CBD and headed to an upstairs cafĂ© for a lovely
breakfast sitting on a veranda in the sunshine.  Surprisingly, the weather was cooler than we had anticipated and ended up in our jeans and jumpers for most of the trip.  Afterwards we spent most of the day catching up with one of my cousins  (Natalie) and her family, before heading over to Uncle Richies place so he could show Pete the car he is currently doing up.......


We flew out Monday morning from Brisbane, but it was Monday dinner time before we actually made it back home after getting into Melbourne and then driving the 3 and a bit hours back up here.  Scruffy and Cliff stayed with PJ and Sonia and had a fabulous time!!!

An unusual Geranium
Unfortunately a few days after getting back home Pete and I both came down with the flu!  I ended up so bad by the end of the first weekend home that I had to go to the doctors on Monday morning and he gave me the week off work - also sending me for chest xrays to check I didn't also have pneumonia, I was in such a bad way!  In fact, here it is the weekend and I'm still feeling quite exhausted.  Not sure how I'm going to manage back at work tomorrow, but at least it's only for 3 days this week.  I am still congested and have a cough - but nothing like what it was this time last week, and I still have another days worth of antibiotics left.  Thankfully Pete didn't get it quite as bad, although bad enough that he also had to go to the doctor and get put on antibiotics!

Pete and Chrissy as I try for photos
During the week Dad has been in touch with the real estates and his unit is now up for sale - lets pray for a quick sale as there is a unit available in the retirement village in the Wynnum area and he would like to get up there as soon as possible.  Sometimes it seems, no matter how much you try, your best is never good enough, but at least I can say we gave it all we could!

Having been so sick,  (perhaps stress has given it more vengeance ), its been unfortunate to have had a week off work and not be able to do any craft work!  In fact it wasn't till yesterday that I picked up a crochet hook to make the big effort of trying to get a simple dishcloth done!   I sure hope my energy picks up again quickly, as with Spring in the air the place is needing a good spring clean both inside and out in the garden!

Now before I forget, a thankyou to Maria from Life on the Block who sent me a hexie for my tablecloth.  I will get a photo during the week and have it ready to share in my next post.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

An Unexpected Road Trip

You might be wondering how I come to be standing in front of a gypsy wagon??? Well if you can make it through this post you will soon find out ..........Early in July after almost a year of looking and such we managed to find a Ute for Pete - it took a while as he was just a little specific in what was required - 4WD, single cab, diesel, manual, in good condition with a good tray, something comfortable that we could both sit in for longer trips comfortably, preferably not bucket seats and naturally the right price range...... So we were blessed when we found it. 
 I didn't post about it at the time as it was just a few days before my important Bendigo trip away with the girls and a "ute for the man" didn't quite fit into blogging ........ fast forward to today and we set off at 6am from home to head down towards the outer area of Melbourne to go and have a look at a canopy for said Ute. 
Rolling hills at Lima

 Since we were heading to Yarra Junction, hubbie decided we would forget about using the freeway and we headed from here, through Yarrawonga and Benalla towards Bonnie Doon....... the sun was coming up when I decided I would take a few photos as we went ..... and kept going as we passed through lots of little places on our way to our destination 3 and a half hours away.....

Buses heading to the snow at Mt Buller
Coming into the township of Yea
heading up the hills towards Kinglake & Toolangi
We head to the Toolangi side of the range
We passed through lots of different country on our trip today .... check out the black trunks of the gums in the Toolangi Forest.  Did you know Toolangi was the home of the poet  C.J. Dennis?  Toolangi is filled with tree ferns as well.  These are old stomping grounds as years ago we lived in Kinglake when the children were all small - Stacey was born when we lived there ....
An old brick well at Chum Creek we passed through

Launching Place
We had a lovely trip down to Yarra Junction, even better with all the traffic heading the opposite direction towards the snow ..........

 long story short - we had arranged to meet a chap at Yarra Junction to look at the ute cover he had advertised on Gumtree.   

Yarra Junction reserve
He turned out to be a lovely fellow and we were chatting for a good hour - we ended up buying the cover from him - it even came with a lighting strip inside the canopy and a roll out awning on the side!  And fits great, just how Pete wants it to as he has a few extra plans for it. ........

Bakery at Yark with the Stag out front
So on our return trip Pete was revealing "the ute" was being made ready for a bit of travelling around since the canopy can also take a small boat on top (which I'm guessing is next on the list lol).........  So after a bit more conversation "the ute" is now  lovingly referred to as MYRTLE!  So you might say that our trip back from Yarra Junction was the beginning of Myrtle's Meanderings ........ more so when we made a stop in Yarck where we planned to get a pie from this bakery .......
check out the pig inside at the table lol .......

Inside the Yark Bakery

unfortunately the line was sooo long we gave it a miss, but looking up the road a bit further was a lovely lady sitting at her Gypsy Wagon with lots of goodies.  She was very happy to show us her lovely wagon and let us take some photos (she didn't want to be in them herself lol)..... .....
And look at the great bargains I came away with.........  Just $5 for the braids and buttons together and $10 for 8 ladies hankies and 8 mens hankies!!! 

Gypsy Wagon, Yark

All my goodies from the Gypsy Wagon!

What a lovely fun unexpected road trip today! 

Pete busy chatting with the lady and her doggie


I'll be looking forward to sharing more of Myrtles Meanderings with you in the future.  Now isn't that a lovely thought!

Myrtle with her newly purchased canopy - see the awning there??




Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Its all about the Hexies

Firstly thankyou for all the lovely compliments about the blogging tablecloth that is slowly taking shape thanks to all the lovely signature hexies various ladies have sent.  For those of you who still want to make a hexie to send me I thought it would be easier to put the details here to save having to go back through older posts to get the details.......
The finished hexie size is 2.5inches ( that is 2.5 in along each finished hexie side).  They will need to be done on white, cream, calico, pale lemon or pale yellow fabric, but feel free to embroider them in whatever colour you wish.  Pop your name, blogname, town or country you come from (like you can see in the previous post) ....... I'm so happy to have blogging and snail mail friends sharing in this tablecloth.

Meantime I've been busy getting to work on making some flowers with 2 more of the signature blocks that arrived.  I'm working on them in the order they arrived here, so next is the one I received from Anthea  of Hibiscus Stitches- who also happens to be hosting EPP!  The chook fabric just seemed to work so well with the embroidery thread used. For those wondering what EPP is - English Paper Piecing - you have shapes cut from paper, you then tack material around the paper to form the shape  these shapes get sewn together after which the papers get pulled out. (that's it in a nutshell)

And then I was able to get started on the signature hexie from Sheryl. from Sewing After Seven.  I just love the embroidered flower sitting in the S.  I spent lots of time changing my mind about which fabrics I was going to use, but eventually ended up with these......... I still have a bit of stitching to finish on it yet
It's nice to be getting my handstitching mojo back after such a very long break. Wishing I was home this week to be able to stitch and sew a few more things that need doing!  Anyhow I'll leave with this photo of Cliffy - the lorikeet who our son got as a baby when he was around 15 - he's the one that is now married with 3 children living in Townsville - which makes Cliff around 15yrs old!  It's hard to tell he's a lorikeet with all the feathers he continues to pull out and he just won't
leave his small cage, except when I have it against the bigger cockatoo cage out on the lawn so he can play in the grass and dirt without being attacked by other birds ..... yes, well apparently on Sunday arvo he tunnelled his way out without us knowing until we drove in after a quick pick up to find Cliffy sitting at the front door waiting to be taken inside - after all it was 5 oclock - the time he usually calls out to be brought inside.  He got so excited when he saw me bringing his cage up from the garden and jumped straight inside with a "goodnight cliffy" to us!!!! Gotta love it!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stitching and Sunshine

Last night was the" Friday Night With Friends" sew in (FNWF) hosted by Cheryll from Gone Stitching.  I started off working on a bit more of my jumper I'm hoping to get finished this month ..... Bear River by Laura Aylor.

But I'd also decided it was time to go and pull out the tablecloth I'm working on for the "Beehive"
Especially since I've had another signature hexie arrive in my mailbox!  Thanks so very much Susan.  It's kinda cool having the map of Queensland embroidered on it since that was where I was born and grew up.  Our family have also spent several years (in several houses) living up there - so a very big thank you!!.   I now have 7 lovely ladies who have taken the time to make a signature hexie for me to add to my blogging friendship tablecloth. (or see below this post).  I've pulled out some of the new fabrics I bought when we were away earlier this year to use and managed to get some more hexies made up as well as getting one signature flower completed!  My plan is to make up the flowers in the order in which the signature hexies arrived so that I can link back to each of those wonderful ladies.  The flowers are rather big as I hadn't really expected to receive very many signature ones since its quite an effort to embroider one up and then post it out, so I feel very blessed with those I have here - so there has been lots of consideration to which fabrics bring out the best in the embroidery.  This first one is from Lin

 We've been having sooo much rain of late that the rivers are flooded and the paddocks are so full of water that I've had  minor flooding across some of the roads on the way to and from work this past week!  So it's been wonderful to have a Sunny day today - still quite cold mind you, but without the rain.  Scruffy and I were able to go for a walk along the river track and check out how high the water is getting.

It won't get high enough to cause damage to any of the housing as further down in Yarrawonga they are letting water out through the weir gates.  I took Dad to go and have a look at it.  While we drove there today, it is actually within easy walking distance from his unit so he is planning to head back here now he knows which way to go.
Dad checking the water flowing out and below you can see the bridge over the wall which crosses the Murray and links Victoria to New South Wales.