Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A Medical Month

 A quick post - it’s been a rather “interesting “ month or 5/weeks  …… from having Hubbie change GP,s to one we used to use in Wangaratta and on the same day getting an appointment with a specialist we were told Pete appeared to have a couple of cardiac issues that needed some attention - specialist had  him referred and having an Angiogram within 10 days - following which we were told to await a phone call from Royal Melbourne Hospital ……. Long story short we head down to Melbourne tomorrow with preaddmission on Tues and his surgery on Wednesday.  

Needless to say we decided this was not the year to go travelling for our anniversary which we celebrated on 23rd February- 38 years married and 40 yrs together!  We actually had to attend a dental appointment for Pete to have him cleared for surgery!  Don’t think we’ll forget this one!

Lucy is going well and a real little treasure to have around to keep us laughing 🧡 she is 41/2 months old now and has me taking her for a morning walk most days .

The garden produced some good crops of potatoes, tomatoes, corn and rockmelon this year.   I’ll have a bit more time to spend in the garden when we return as I’ve taken a month or two off work while Pete has his operation and we see how the recuperation goes.

Till later this month 



Lin said...

Hope all goes well for Pete. xx

loulee said...

Hope all goes well.