Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Whats in a Month ......


Between Rain and the huge amounts of water being released from the Hume Weir into the Murray River - towns are being flooded with the River overflowing into low lying areas.  This is the street over from us - aptly called River Road since that's pretty much what it is now - residents here are having to use their back lanes to access their homes!

This is one of the main roads in/out of town - this bridge has flooded over  - it heads to the old bridge that goes over to Whagunyah - as the river has filled the parkland, football grounds, and access to the shire offices, library and numerous other places ..... today when I went past you could see the current is pulling up chunks of road!

The houses along River Road

Meantime the rain has had a wonderful effect on my garden! Hard to believe there was nothing here a year ago when we moved in!  The front yard has been fine, but the back yard has required Pete having to purchase and install a submersible pump to pump out water from the back yard to stop it coming into the house ....... surface water from rain no longer has anywhere to run with things so wet

I'm in the process of knitting another one of Laura Aylors patterns - she currently has a KAL going and if I get it finished by end of month I'll be eligible for a free pattern from her store and have my eye on a blanket pattern

Secret Christmas Crochet going on .......

I was sooooo blessed to be able to pick a bunch of roses from my garden over the weekend to fill a vase! All of these are fragrant roses so they were just beautiful.   God has truly blessed me with filling our gardens with beautiful colour and allowing all my plantings to flourish so well.  Since I first had my children,  I  have always felt closer to God when I'm working in my garden.  I love how the garden is bringing so many types of birds in. 

Picking nice amounts of strawberries from our garden - unfortunately they tend to get eaten before they can be used for anything else lol

I've pulled out my "Down the Rabbit Hole " Quilt and started a big effort to get back working on it.  You might remember back that I started this BOM back in 2017 (before all the moving houses occured) - hopefully it will be finished by the end of Summer

Pete picked up a 2nd hand trailer for a very good price-  it needs some work doing on it so he now has a project to keep him busy.  We sold our other trailer up in Queensland before we moved down here and it will be very handy to have it for carting wood, rather than just the ute.

With all the rain ...... we have frogs again coming to visit the pool - they are only a small type .... apparently just the right size for breakfast for this blue Heron who regularly comes to visit and does the circuit of the pool early in the morning before flying off 

Mid October we had my Stepsister Kathy (Dads other daughter ) together with her hubby and children come over from New Zealand for a visit.  It was a lovely time and good for her to be able to see how well Dad is going and how wonderful his new place is.

Baking goes on most weekends and Pete is usually pretty quick to get to the tray not long after they exit the oven lol ....... These Anzacs were made on Remembrance Day

I'm in desperate need for a few more kitchen hand towels so made this one up and have another couple ready to go shortly.   I'm also needing to make some new aprons!  I'm down to just 3 and I use my aprons every day!!  Many many years ago, I decided to make up my own design as I was finding it hard to get what I wanted ...... a full apron that slips over your head and has a huge big pocket at the front!!!  I have a list of things I'm needing to get sewn or crocheted up over the next couple of months...... once I get the Christmas stuff out the way

This garden is relatively new and it's inside the pool fence.  The yellow rose is a climbing one which will - I hope - grow to give us a bit of a privacy screen from next door when we are in the pool.   

More Rain Coming ..........

We recently joined up the Corowa Fishing Club and this was the presentation night they had a few weeks ago ....... it was held in the Corowa Rowing Club rooms which are now well under water.  Last week the water could be seen half way up the outside of the building but that was prior to the water going over the road where the bridge is!  Luckily they got all the stuff out in time.

As I looked out one of the doors of the rowing club that night, the sun was just going down ...... the River was already up then, but not like it is now ......I couldn't resist snapping this photo!

Kathy, Dad and I

With my nieces and nephews Ollie and Pierre, Mindy and Neomi (Lucy had already flown back to NZ for work), Kathy, myself and Dad.

Finished knitting this vest with some of the yarn I had in my stash ...... I'm not sure I'm keen on the way the colours worked out (thought there would be more pooling rather than striping) and not sure yet if I might end of dying it????  Thoughts anyone??

Pete out working on pumping the water out from the backyard.  This is becoming a regular event at the moment!!

My little nook with my rocking chair ..... taking time out with a cuppa and Anzac and pulling out some of my Amish novels off my bookcase to read again.  This one is by Wanda Brunstetta.

I've also finally gotten around to sewing up a new curtain for the kitchen window,  This material matches in nicely with the kitchen cupboards which you can see in the photo below ..... along with the old curtain I had up.  Would you believe I made that curtain for our kitchen when we lived in Brisbane in Wynnum North back in the 90's!  I've used it in just about every house since then so its had lots of use and is not going to last too much longer lol
And that pretty much wraps up the month since I last posted!  I'm still having blogger problems and now need to use the Ipad to add photos and then write in the comments under the photo  but ..... whatever lol ........ Have a blessed week
Hugs Sharm xo

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Lin said...

Hello Sharm. Good to hear from you, shame you are still having blogger problems. The flooding looks horrendous and I am curious to know what happens to the water you pump out of your garden? At least your house is dry.
Lovely family pictures and your Dad is looking good.
I love the sunset picture. Down The Rabbit Hole is a great design so it will be nice to see yours finished. Stay safe and dry. xx