Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekend Away

We took off for the weekend with a couple we've become quite good friends with since moving up here....... We left Friday to head to Lake Mondurah where we had rented a house to share for a couple of nights.  So my FNWF was spent doing some knitting - more chatting, eating and drinking done though ..... you'll see my knitting a bit further down

It was lovely out on the water - although no fish to be seen and only one nibble over the whole weekend.  Unfortunately you couldn't even see the water from the house and there was no easy way of getting my kyack down to the water without taking the boat off the ute and using it to get the kyack up and down the steep roads ....... so it didn't end up seeing the water.

Sharon isn't keen on fishing so she worked on some sewing while I was out on the boat and then I left the boys to it and worked on some of this cowl which will be another Christmas gift.  I found it slow going as I'm not yet able to chat and work cables easily at the same time lol!

Lake Monduran is not far inland from Gin Gin (near Bundaberg).  It's nice to begin exploring our area a bit further out.

On our way back we made a detour to check out Paradise Dam ....... it has camping spots right on the water which would be much better.  We decided to book a weekend in March next year so that will be nice to look forward to!  We had seen the signs to it on our way to Lake Monduran so figured we may as well go check it out.
Mal and Pete checking out which campsites would be the best pick
Blurry photo - but Sharon and I just having fun!
Getting closer to Paradise Dam we passed a sign that pointed to Biggenden which is not that far from Maryborough so on the way back we decided we may as well head back home that way.  It was quite a nice little trek and let us see a bit more of the area around us as well as much more direct route to Paradise Dam when we next head out there.

Sunday afternoon after the unpacking process was completed I enjoyed some more relaxation just sitting on our veranda ..........
View from my comfy rocking chair which sits tucked away at the corner from the side verandah

Thought I may as well put in a photo of the corner where the side veranda meets the front lol
Side verandah where I often sit to have breakfast

Check out the flowers on the Lily Pilly Trees........ the bees are loving them!

I'm currently reading this ............   I know season 3 has started on Foxtel, but we don't have that channel (sure wish we did though!) 

  And now ........ well, it's Monday so time to get ready for work.  Only another 4 weeks and we will be getting ready for our holiday north!
Have a wonderful day everyone!  Hugs Sharm


Susan said...

nothing like a mini holiday as practice for a bigger holiday!! enjoy it all.

Beca said...

A great way to spend the weekend. I'm so glad you were able to get away and unwind and be in the company of good friends. Blessings
xx Beca

Lin said...

Lovely to get away for the weekend. Your knitting looks great and your veranda looks blissful! xx

Linda in Calif. said...

I think you may have had the best FNSI of all of us. :-) I've often thought about getting a Diana Gabaldon book and reading it with my sisters. Seeing this title, has me thinking that would be a good idea.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend and I like your knitting :)

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