Wednesday, November 14, 2018

And Life Goes On

I've finally managed to get something finished!  This knitted cowl will be put aside for a christmas
 gift....... Just need to get some matching buttons that will suit and look fine for a guy!

And I've started work on another cowl which will also be Christmas gift giving!

It's been somewhat tough not having my little mate around - but I've spent time working in the flower garden ........ From a puppy he always loved flowers - smelling them and laying in or around them lol

and when I started making a flower garden here he found a spot he liked ........ he now rests there permanently and I've used the basket (which used to be Gramps and Muffins) and the bed (which was originally Mitzi's) - lucky Scruffy ended up getting to use them both for a few years,

 and now I've incorporated them into the garden to surround him.  It makes it feel more like he has his other little mates right there with him.   I think the flower garden is looking quite lovely now.  
Well I'm off to finish getting ready for work - seems to have been quite a drama getting the photos to load onto the computer this morning so instead of a 10min job, this post has taken over 30mins!!!  I'm sure there has to be a quicker method - perhaps I just need to update my old gear!  Anyhow, I'll leave you with this great Snoopy Clip which reminds us of all the wonderful days we get to spend enjoying life !

Have an awesome day!
Hugs Sharm xo


Susan said...

I shed a tear at this story...but what a great way to keep Scruffy alive in your hearts.

Lin said...

That cowl looks very nice Sharm. Your little memorial garden is lovely. My cat always used to be around when I was gardening - quite often, if I was kneeling, she would come and sit on the backs of my legs! Not comfortable but very friendly. She has a walnut tree and some tulips over her resting place. xx

Maria said...

Beautiful cowl Sharmayne and the new one you've started is a very pretty yarn. That's a lovely little area you've made for Scruffy's resting place. My Eduardo passed away in September aged 17. So many fellow bloggers seem to have lost beloved elderly pets this year...always hard. 😢

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Your cowl looks great and I love the snoopy quote :)

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