Sunday, July 8, 2018


Expialadoshus!  Maryborough has been celebrating Mary Poppins for the past week with a wonderful "day in the park" yesterday which summed it up beautifully!  I had a lovely walk through the park and out onto the streets that were all closed to traffic and set up with Umbrellas, the most wonderful Chalk drawings that looked like they were something taken straight out of the movie!  

Some of the buildings are from back in the 1800's, and I had meant to go and check out a few more things but somehow I found myself just walking the street taking in all the festivities, It was looking like rain was on the way so I wanted to get back home before it started ...... it poured down all afternoon as it turned out - what a shame for the chalk drawings ...... a bit like the movie I guess!

There were little tiny trains for just one or two men to sit on, and the steam train that runs through
the park that was filled with adults and children enjoying the fun. Theme songs from the  Mary Poppins movie were playing over the loud speakers and many in the crowd found themselves singing along as they walked past the festivities!

  Queens Park is right beside the River Banks of the Mary River so it was a lovely walk.

On Friday night I joined in with Cheryl for FNWF - the virtual handwork which I find is helpful in inspiring to get things worked on ........ I decided to make an all out effort and managed to finish knitting the Fogbound Cardigan (Laura
Aylor design), even getting the ends sewn in.  I just need to give it a bath and block it which I will likely do today since it looks sunny this morning. 

I also managed some secret sewing that I can't show just yet as it will be a gift for somebody that I know reads this blog from time to time.  Oh, and I managed to get the curtains for the dining room finished earlier in the week.  It was so nice to get those horrid blinds down (remember the photo from my last post?)  The curtains make the area look so much nicer now I think ....

Since it rained all afternoon yesterday, I decided to work on some more of the embroidery I'm doing for a table runner.  I got a few more flowers done on it.  Pete had left early to head to Howard with a friend who was doing a stall at the Market up there.  I think they enjoyed having some "bloke time" ..... 

And I certainly kept myself busy ...... I bit the bullet and registered
to undertake my very first Park Run/Walk experience!  And then of course I was off to Mary Poppins and back doing embroidery!  I'm not sure just what will be happening today as yet. 

After spending the past couple of weeks searching, I did eventually locate another tall boy chest of drawers on a buy/swap/sell site.  My hope was that Pete and I could have one each which would allow me to get rid of the horrid wire racks that were already in the house when we bought it! 

We picked it up early Friday morning ........ since it was just near the boat ramps at Urangan, we took advantage and went for a quick walk to have a look ........
Yep, Scruffy came for the road trip in the ute with us!  He is on borrowed time now as he has recently had a couple of little seizures - at 16 1/2yrs we are just letting him enjoy life.
Once back home, I was kept busy then for the entire morning as I dismantled the horrid wire racks
that had been left here (no idea why somebody would set a wardrobe up like that!) ...... and then moved the wardrobes we bought so they lined up where the wire shelves had been, and put the two
tall boys in place which now hold all our clothes that can't be hung.  This dressing area looks soooo much better, feels sooo much better and works wonderfully!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend friends!

The current favorite spot at the top of the stairs to catch the breeze and keep and eye on us both lol ...... at least when he's not in his bed or in the "flower garden"!


O'faigh said...

Hello Sharm always enjoy catching up with What you have been upto

Helen said...

Great Maryborough's history.....have you checked out the "Ghost tour" not sure if they still do it but it was absolutely fantastic....

Maria said...

Enjoyed reading your post.
You are really settling into your new home and area..
Fabulous Mary Poppins displays..
Good luck on the Run..

Susan said...

The mary Poppins festivities sound like a lot of fun
Good to see progress on the "redecorating".

Cheryll said...

Thanks for joining in FNWF & I love following your progress of settling in at your new home too...xox

Shez said...

Hi Sharm you sure have been busy ,loved reading your post and glad to see you are settling in nicely xx