Sunday, July 1, 2018

June Round Up - Yee Hah!

Time to round up for June ..... our first full month here and wow have we been busy and enjoying life!
As most of you know we arrived here on May 22 with our furniture and goods arriving a couple of days later ......... so much of this first month has been busy unpacking boxes and finding places for furniture to go, getting a couple of new bits of furniture to hold things like the wonderful bookcase and the glass cabinet which are both full already!  The kitchen has been set up (well, pretty much so - there are a couple more bits to do), and it's been nice to begin putting a few touches here and there.  Alot of work has gone on in the yard area with Pete removing the chook yard and pen, putting in water tanks, changing gates and we've added an extra vegie garden bed!

On the crafting front .....  I've been busy making curtains for several windows, working on the cardigan, and brought out some WIP's thanks to walking down to the local sewing/ patchwork shop and joining in with a lovely bunch of girls on a Wednesday morning!  I think I've done more sewing this past month than I have for the past few months down in Bundalong before we moved!!

We've enjoyed drives around the local area and checking out various markets and have begun to make progress with all the changes needed on the admin side of things (car rego change overs, changes of address for numerous things etc etc - still got a few more to go!). 

Unfortunately poor little Scruffy has not been well.  Once again his mouth was playing up - even though he had dental surgery just a couple of months ago where they took out 5 teeth.  So we headed up to the local vet here and it seems that he must have a bone infection in the jaw which is why his teeth keep playing up and becoming so loose ...... due to his age of 16 years the best option is some high dose antibiotics to manage the infection and pain meds as needed.  He is still eating and enjoys being around us ....... although he was pretty keen to be leaving the Vet's rooms!!

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day ....... I've finally worked out where I'm going to put a flower garden ....... so yesterday afternoon I got to digging over the area which took quite a bit of work pulling up all the grass that was there.  Sometime this week I'll begin planting it up after I put in a few soil additives to help boost it up a bit. This view is from the top of our back stairs, so I think it will be a nice sight to see once it gets going
   With today being the first day of July and a bit rainy here in Maryborough ...... I decided I would begin working on the next lot of curtains.  I've been waiting for the fabric to arrive at Spotlight and was able to pick it up yesterday.  What do you think?
  These curtains will be going in the Dining area to replace this wooden blind that doesn't work and
seems to be a great dust catcher!  I got them finished (apart from hems), just a little while ago but they will have to wait till Pete gets up and removes the blind and puts up the new curtain rod .......... he's really excited to have that job to do again lol

Well, I'd say all in all we have had a very successful first month here ... Yee Hah indeed lol!   And now with the Sunday Roast in the oven, I'm going to grab a cuppa and sit down and knit and watch a movie  ........

See ya next time!


Beca said...

You've been a busy girl but you've made a lot of progress. It's a labor of love and I know you're enjoying putting together your home even though it's work. It's those personal touches that make it your own. Enjoy your tea and movie. You've earned it.
xx Beca

Helen said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying your new home.....

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

You have been busy. It looks like you've had a very productive month. I hope your dog feels better with the new medicines :)

Susan said...

Always fun to set up your place your way...good to hear you can walk to your local quilt shop!

Maria said...

You have both been very busy set up your new home. Love those new curtains for the dining room.
How nice to have sewing sewing group up the road..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm glad to see you are both settling in well. Sharm for some reason your emails arent coming through to my email and i havent been able to respond to your comment left on my blog as i dont have your email address.
The answer to your question about the pouch is to google pouch patterns there are also lots of free patterns there as well,good luck my friend xx