Saturday, April 21, 2018

Biting the Bullet

For the past 9 days I've been discovering what life was like before the internet ........ or at least the
Fogbound Cardigan in progress
home wi fi ....... yep, it's been down that long ...... apparently an upgrade for southern phones, but I didn't get notice, have had several phone calls with them ..... and been listed for needing "the backroom department to check into why it's not working" ....... so I've had to go out and purchase some Telstra mobile  internet for my Ipad, and yesterday bit the bullet and went and purchased a USB Wi Fi for my lap top so I could spend the day working out how to get that going to be able to use now ..... finally!

What a week it's been, well .... a couple - 17 days it seems since I last posted and that was late also!  We are having a fabulous lot of Autumn weather here in Bundalong this year - haven't had to light the fire yet!  Plenty of farmers have been burning their paddocks as they do each year, burning off the stubble before plowing up ...... this year though we had a huge wind storm come through which meant lots of dust from the plowed paddocks all around ....... and an outbreak of a number of grass fires when the wind whipped up overnight taking with it embers not put out from the burn offs ....... we were fine here, just huge amounts of dust and smoke for a couple of days!
Bundalong House

Pete and I have also bitten the bullet - we've decided that if the house here is  not sold by end of day on ANZAC Day (25th April), then we will put a permanent rental in here to allow us to move up to our house in Maryborough in Queensland!  Not quite what we had envisaged back in November, 2016 when we first put this place on the market after having purchased the other house, but it's certainly not for lack of trying on our part and it's been long enough!  We have 3 parties of people who have "shown interest" but not yet committed to anything over the past 3 weeks since coming through ......... so we are calling it and giving an end date!  

On the crafting side of things, the test knit cardigan (see photo at top), was coming along quite well
till I got a little thrown by having to pick up stitches from behind the pockets ..........  so while I contemplated just how that bit was going to work, I started on the scarf for Stace using the yarn we purchased when I was down in Melbourne with her.  I decided to use the pattern Therapy by Fogbound Knits (Laura Aylor) and told Stace she would need to choose another colour to go with the skein since it wouldn't be quite enough to make the scarf ........ so at her suggestion I looked to see what "white" yarn I had in my stash and found some Bendigo Yarn "moon" which is one of the  Milky Way Yarns in an off white which just
works perfectly with the "white" in the other skein.  The only trick is the Milky Way is 8ply and the other 4 ply, but it seems to be working quite well and giving a rather nice interest to it.  Apart from that knitting, I've been sorting out cupboards, collecting empty boxes and beginning the process of packing up any excess items.

So stay tuned my friends ...... the wind is changing ...............


Susan said...

Sharmayne - that seems like a good choice considering that you are not having any luck selling...
Bummer about the internet...we jut can't live without it thee days.
Happy packing - concentrate on the end result!

Lin said...

Sounds like a good decision although not what you wanted. Hope the move goes well. Burning stubble has been banned here for some time I am sure - far too dangerous! and not good for the environment. Hope you get your internet sorted soon. xx

co coya said...

Sounds as if you had a great time and squeezed a lot in.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Internet problems can be so frustrating - glad that you have found a fix. Lovely knitting and the scarf will be so pretty. Glad that you have found a solution to the housing situation. Hope it all goes well and you can start on your new adventure! xx Karen

Kaisievic said...

Wow! Sharmayne, big changes - Murrary River area to Queensland! I hope that all goes well for you.