Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Signature Blogging Hexie Tablecloth

It's a real Ta Da moment - to actually be able to show you photos of the finished blogging signature hexie tablecloth!!  This has been a long winded project that began with wanting a tablecloth for my "Beehive Crafting Cabin". 

I had this crazy idea of how wonderful it would be to have some signature hexies from those who frequently read my blog, popping them altogether  to make a tablecloth.  I decided to put the idea out there, asking for signature hexies,  but realised that since I wasn't offering anything in return it was quite likely that I might not get any at all - after all, most only

From Lin in France
know me from reading my blog!  I was blown away when the very first signature hexie arrived in my mail box ....... all the way from France too!!!  I was making this tablecloth completely from stash (which stayed true up to the point where I needed to purchase fabric for the hexies to attach to.   The project went into a bit of a melt down  a few times  ....... once when we put our home here on the market and I realised my beehive cabin would no longer be my crafting station; another time when I felt I just wasn't doing
Just keep stitching!
justice the lovely signature hexies that came my way ..... and again when I was trying to get them all together using the spare bed (back in May last year) - but then we decided half our stuff including  all non essential furniture, would all be trucked up to the house in Queensland to wait - leaving me with nowhere to keep the hexies in order ........  It was becoming quite problematic you might say!!!  Without the wonderful work these wonderful ladies did in taking the time to make a signature hexie and posting it out to me, this would not have been done! I could not, and would not, let these girls down!!! I used some multi coloured thread to quilt them altogether and to the backing.

 I'm very happy with the way its come out - and was most happy when I found this background fabric with hexies to put them on.  I think the blue sashing works to keep it nice and bright.  I've packed it up so it will be ready to use in the new house when we do finally get up there ...... and I'm hopeful it might even get to meet a few bloggers one of these days!  How nice would that be!! 

The Ta-Da Moment when it went on the table all finished.
Narelle - Queensland
 Even nicer when you get to realise that one of the hexies came  from the region where we will actually be moving near - who would have thought that at the time!!  So here 's a big thankyou to all the lovely girls who took part in sending me the hexies to make this.  I've linked to each of their blogs so you can go and have a visit with them.

Lynda from Tasmania
A big thankyou to: Lin, St Victor Quilt Blog, France ; Susan, Susan's Sewing Space from Brisbane - my home town in Queensland! ; Kerrie, Channelbank Creations from NSW; Narelle,  Pins and Whiskers blog from the North Burnett Area of Queensland - which is very close to Maryborough where we will be moving to when we sell here!!.....
Susan - also from Queensland
I'm hoping for a bloggy meet up at some point in the future!  Sheryl,  Sewing After Seven  from Spain; Ruth of Green Twiggy from USA; Jo of ButterZ , Victoria ; Maria, of Life on the Block in West Australia; Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches and also from West Australia;  And Lynda from By the River in Tasmania. 

Anthea from West Australia

Jo from Vic (who actually made 2 hexies when she moved during the time)  and Maria from West Australia
Ruth from USA who also made 2 so I could choose which one to use.
Sheryl from Spain!

Kerrie from New South Wales

10 hexies in all - 3 International and 7 Aussie ones!
Naturally I'm onto other projects - old and new and way too many and even more going through my head that I'd like to get started on!!  My project time this weekend is short as I concentrate on extra cleaning and dusting ...... we had a house inspection yesterday, another today and another one booked for tomorrow afternoon ..... so fingers crossed!!  Let's be hoping
 we get a sprinkling of St Patricks Day Luck and some prayers answered.
Enjoy your St Patricks Day weekend my friends,


Anonymous said...

Your tablecloth looks lovely Sharm and how lovely that friends sent hexies to you xx

Lin said...

Congratulations on your finish Sharm, it looks great. Fingers crossed it will not be too long until you will be able to use it. xx

Susan said...

Wonderful to have it finished...its a clever idea.

Mrs. Doug said...

The tablecover is beautiful. I love the yellow bee print. I actually have some of that in my collection too and have used it for several different projects. We'll be praying that you'll be able to get things settled real soon. Hugs.

Jo said...

Everything is crossed for you. Here's hoping this is the time. You have you beautiful cloth al ready for its new home...

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

It really turned out beautiful, and so many lovely thoughts went into it, too! Such a nice keepsake and fingers crossed on moving forward. Happy St. Patrick's Day! x Karen said...

Your table quilt is gorgeous, lots of work went into that, good luck with the house inspections. :)

Anthea said...

Oh Sharmayne, I'm so glad your table topper finally came together! I love the way you've put it all together & it's fun to see close-ups of the gifted hexy's. Enjoy & congratulations!

Maria said...

How exciting to see the table cloth finished with the hexies from all over the world. Fantastic!!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is a brilliant idea and it looks great. How lovely to have those signatures from your blog friends on your table. It really is a lovely finish :)

Susie H said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Internet friends! Your tablecloth turned out beautifully too.

Lynda said...

The tablecloth is amazing Sharm! Just goes to show...perseverance pays off :)))

Hoping something positive comes from all the house inspections. xx