Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Old Fashioned Loveliness

It's been a long weekend here in Victoria for Labour Day - After the usual chores of cleaning ect and after getting a longish walk in on Saturday to make up for having done little walking or running during the week, I decided to settle down to some  stitching of various kinds ....... worked on some knitting, worked on the hexie tablecloth which I will share in a separate post and I was finally able to get to work on the woodland tablerunner stitchery.  The hexie section was made a year ago and has sat until the pattern was able to be purchased without doing a class ...... I decided to use some of these lovely little felt pieces I had which are
working so well for the mushrooms and hearts!  I've started on one end and quite happy with how its coming along.  It's been a long time since I sat and did some embroidery and I found it quite relaxing and it made the weekend seem to slow into an old fashioned simplicity

We heard news of an antique shop closing down in Benalla, which I knew had a number of those lovely old fashioned lamps we love - she agreed to open the shop especially for Pete and I to head over for a visit on Saturday ........ it was worth her while!   Pete was excited by the types of lamps she had there from an old
estate ...... ones I'd been trying to tell him about, but its never the same until you see things in their splendour ........ we came home with 7 Old Fashioned pieces of Loveliness that will eventually be finding homes in the rooms of our old queenslander home up North.  The white is milk glass.  With these additions that should take care of lamps for a very long time!

  Two are large double burners that stand quite tall.  I think we definitely have a lamp for every room now!
Koi Fish for the bases
I also found a lovely wooden blanket stand that just had to come back home with me as well - I
plan on having it in our bedroom up north.  Unfortunately you get to see my ironing pile and any number of other bits sitting in the current sewing/crafting space of this house ......  WIP that need more emphasis on the "Work" bit of it lol  I'm missing not having the extra bits of furniture to be able to put things away in, but when we sent them all north back in June last year I hadn't anticipated how much more stuff we might accumulate between then and whenever we do end up selling!!   There are things jammed everywhere as you can see from the white cupboard below!!
 Before I finish here you get one last photo of the lamps, since Pete enjoyed putting them all into a line I just couldn't not get a photo of that!  Have a great week everyone, Hugs Sharm


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm oh i love those lamps,glad you got a pic of them and your table runner is looking fantastic xx

ellieshomemadehome.blogspot.com said...

What an amazing collection of lamps, they look brilliant. Your stitchery project looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished :)

Lin said...

What a lovely collection of lamps! We have a couple you would be most welcome to! LOL The table runner is looking very interesting with all the additions around the patchwork. Hand embroidery is so soothing isn't it. xx

Sandi said...

Gorgeous lamps - don't they look just fabulous...

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

You found some wonderful lamps, Sharm! I have a few myself, for the frequent winter storms that knock out the electricity. I love the milk-glass lamp. Your stitching is very charming with the felt mushrooms and embroidery. Hope your weekend is lovely. Hugs xo Karen

Susan said...

What a lovely collection you were able to secure.