Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Part 3 - The basic Block

I wonder how you went with your flower blocks?  Sorry I'm a few days late getting this out - bit of trouble with photos downloading .......hmmmmmm
I've been busy working on both the flower blocks
and the plain blocks so I can make up rows.  I find it very rewarding to make all the blocks for a row at a time and then crochet them together to see a whole row complete!  Before joining them together, I lay out the first couple of rows which helps me to work out what balance of colours I want.  Even though I have that initial design layout in my notepad, I haven't added what colour the flower petals will be, so laying them out helps to spread the colours around!  You might also notice that now that I'm down to row 4, I've changed a couple of the blocks around - its all about getting a nice balance with the colours.  Of course if I'd just stuck with one colour for the flowers and one or two colours for the background, that would have made it somewhat easier and a little quicker lol.  I think it took me a good couple of hours on the weekend deciding just how that row 4 was going to look!  You will find the pattern I'm using for the plain blocks below.  I've had to change it up a bit so that it would end up the same size as the flower blocks.

I really am loving the Bendigo Cotton - such a lovely drape and nice amount of softness to work with!

When joining the blocks together I place the 2 right sides together and then use a dc stitch to join them together. I crochet in as many loose ends as I can so that there will be fewer to do at the end of the quilt!  Each finished block should have 20 treble stitches on each side making them easy to join together.You'll notice the plain blocks are a different pattern which I needed to adapt to make them the same size as the flower blocks - make sure that once you finish your colour rounds the first border round (white in my case) is made using dc (or sc for US terms), first and then follow with a treble row right around.  

The Flower Garden Plain Block : (please note this is an adaptation of the granny block)
Start with 4ch and join with ss.
Working out of the ring  for Row 1:    3ch, 2 tr; 2ch, 3tr; 2ch, 3 tr; 2 ch, 3tr. join to the top of 3ch with ss before beginning each new round when using the same colour thread I work a ss back into the loop just made.
This is after  the 2nd row round - see the ss to get back to the loop

Row 2: 3ch  2tr, 2ch, 3 tr ( first corner,) 2 ch,  group of 3 tr, 2 ch 3 tr into each of other 3 corners
Row 3 & Row 4: On this row do the corners the same, but only 1ch between the corners and the spaces for the middle group of 3 trs   
At the end of row 4 you should have the corner groups and 2 groups of 3tr between them. Cut your coloured yarn and attach the white yarn anywhere along an edge.
Ch 1, dc into the tops of the trebles along the edge - do not make stitches in gaps between the groups of trebles, but do ensure you work all the way from corner to corner. At the corner loops 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc.  You should have 16 stitches from corner to corner along each side. (3 for each group of trebles on previous row = 12  + the 2 extra in each corner you just made) Do not cut yarn ...
Final Row: ch 3, treble into each stitch along the edge with corners being 2 tr, 2ch, 2 tr. You should now have 20 stitches from corner to corner (the same amount as the flower blocks). 
I haven't written patterns for anyone before so if this needs better clarification please ask! Again this pattern is taken from numerous other granny blocks that have been around since the dawning of time and I have adapted it to fit my needs.
You should now have a lovely bordered plain granny to go between your flowers.  I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!


Kaisievic said...

Sharmayne, this is looking so very pretty.

Susan said...

Looking great - excellent inStructions - sadly no time for me to join in but I will enjoy watching it grow!

Lynda said...

It's going to be beautiful Sharm! xx

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Yours is looking great. I have made some flower blocks but not blogged about them yet. I'm currently having a bit of a quandary about colour placement...Thank you for sharing the next stage :) said...

Beautiful work, love the colours :)

Lin said...

Looking great Sharm. I am going to make flower blocks til I run out of yellow then see what I have left for plain blocks. xx

Sherrie said...

Hi Sharm,
I made a comment on an older posting, so thought I'd give one for this, as it's a newer one. I would love to join in on the CAl. I'm a slow crocheter, so who knows when it will be done. lol Your Flower Blanket is looking good. Love the colors. I'll be posting about this over at my place, Food for Thought, tomorrow. Have a great day!

Christine M said...

Your blanket is looking lovely, Sharm. I love the flowers in the centre of the blocks. I haven't crocheted in over 30 years. Maybe I'll give it a go again one day.