Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crochet Flower Garden Blanket Along

I'm making a flower garden crocheted blanket for my granddaughter Jacey for her birthday in October. As I mentioned in the previous post, I thought there might be some of you who would enjoy crocheting along with me to keep me company.  You might decide to make a cushion cover with just a few blocks rather than a whole blanket, but you will be surprised just how quickly these little blocks multiply and become rather addictive lol!

Here is my "plan" - I've decided to leave out the last row as I think with borders that 7 blocks across and 10 blocks down will work fine!  That gives a total of 35 plain blocks and 35 flower blocks! 

The blocks each measure approx. 5 1/2 inches with the borders, so this might help you get a rough idea of the size you want.

I've decided to use 4 main colours with 2 extra colours for variation.  I'm using 8ply (dk) cotton (since my granddaughter lives up the top of Australia where it is quite hot for most of the year).
You could easily use another type of yarn or stash dive for whatever you have on hand!  If you want to know just what I'm using, its Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in Snow, Daffodil, Wild Lavender, Pink Rose, Primrose, Peach and Meadow.  Snow is being used to edge each block and join them together, and it also sits in behind each flower.  I think the white makes the flowers "pop".  All my flower centres will be yellow (daffodil), however I plan to change the flower colours as well as the background colours to make a lovely bunch of flowers! 

I'll leave you to go stash diving or decide on colours and gather all your supplies together!  You might want to dedicate a special basket for this project so its easy to pick up and work on.  I'll be back on Saturday with the pattern and a cuppa to sit and crochet together  ............
Thanks to those who have emailed me to say they might be joining in!
Hugs Sharm


Jo said...

I'll be watching on.

Beca said...

A pretty basket full of pretty yarn. Makes me want to grab a hook and get busy working on something. Those colors will make a lovely blanket for your granddaughter.
xx Beca

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Those yarns are going to make a lovely blanket for your granddaughter. I'll look out for the pattern on Saturday :)

Lin said...

OK so I'm in! but only to use up the cottons left over from my Hygge so goodness knows what it will turn out like! Busy weekend coming up so don't expect any results too soon. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank's for visiting and commenting on my blog! I like your cosy blog too. The granny blanket you're making looks so beautiful and cheerful!
I'll be popping over more often to see what you're making ;-)
Have a very nice day, Sigrid

Sherrie said...

Hi Sharmayne,
Love your colors, will make a beautiful blanket. I would love to join in on your CAL. I'm a slow crocheter so I may not get it done for awhile. I'll be posting about this over at my blog, Food for Thought tomorrow. Have a great day!