Monday, July 17, 2017

Home Alone

This weekend just gone was the annual Bendigo Wool Show weekend, but this time I didn't end up
going.  It's difficult to make too many plans too far ahead when the house is on the market, and so Pete was asked to go on a fishing weekend with a couple of guys from here, so I declined heading to Bendi since it's difficult to work out accommodation and such at short notice on such a busy weekend, plus  Scruffy wasn't keen to stay home alone for the weekend, so I opted to stay  home with him and let Pete take off fishing to Lake Eildon............. It was certainly worth it since he came home with 5 nice trout of various sizes which gives 7 meals (8 if you count the one I cooked straight away on top of the wood stove and gobbled up lol).  His first time fishing for trout! What a shame we don't have a smoker.
Frost on the Front Yard, Bird Bath frozen solid

Meantime, I contacted some of the girls I usually go away with as there are a couple of car loads that head down from the Canberra area each year and pass through Wangaratta so they can stop
Frost on the hollyhocks and sweet peas
at the Woollen Mills here.  It's kind of a shame the mills here are not anywhere near as good as the Bendigo Mills, still it was a great opportunity to catch up with the Canberra Crew and after leaving them and heading down the street I also ran into one of the girls who travels down from Bega! We managed to catch up over a quick bite to eat! I did manage to still purchase a couple of balls of yarn which will at some point turn into some socks and a beanie!
Winter Therapy

Being home alone for the weekend meant I pretty much spent the time in yarn heaven with girly movies playing on the television lol,   It was sooo cold, but the fire inside was going well and I had the top of it covered with my kettle for ongoing cuppas, some sweet potato chips and a pot of yummy soup ready for whenever I felt like it!  - I finished knitting the Winter Therapy Scarf, and I also finished the Peach ripple crochet which is part of the cushion cover set for DIL and son, and have started the Meadow Ripple one.  I'm trying to get a set of 6 completed - so 3 down with 3 to go!   I managed to get a short burst of sewing done on those houses for the "Down the rabbit Hole" quilt - I can't say I'm enjoying making the 40 houses 
Peach Ripple Cushion Cover using Bendigo Cotton Yarn
and I'm now a month and a half behind in the BOM, so I am going to have to get them finished! I have all the body sections completed, and just have 8 more roofs to finish (paper piecing), after which they can be put into 4 rows of 10 houses on each side and hope and pray they end up the right size!!

Apart from that, Scruffy and I did a bit of garden work - cleaning out the chook pen and getting a couple of garden areas ready for some planting, and managed to get some snail mail written........   But apparently the weekend is over already!!

I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


Susan said...

It's good to be able to submerge yourself like that - I made 6 of those little houses - not for the BOM but they are a tad fiddly...not so sure my horizontal seams will line up so I may have a strip between them.

Lin said...

Sounds like my sort of weekend! Love the look of Winter Therapy. xx