Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Woolly Hobbit Weekend

8ply cotton yarns
It's been raining here since Wednesday this week, so its been particularly wet, cold and wintery this weekend!  After getting the groceries and errands run early Saturday morning, which included picking up a parcel from Bendigo Woollen Mills ........, it seemed absolutely perfect for knitting and crochet!
  During the week I finished off 2 of the crochet cushions which will be part of birthday gifts for son and DIL in August. 

I made a start on them whilst we were away, and I've made a start on one of the ripple covers now to! They are all getting made using Bendigo Cotton 8ply which has such a lovely drape and is so soft and lovely to work with!

With Foxtel having a marathon running of "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings", and the rain still going outside, I was a very happy little beaver surrounding myself with yarn!  I've been a lover of Tolkien since I was a teen - way, way before the movies were even thought of!  I made a bit more progress on my latest Therapy - a scarf pattern by Laura Aylor and one of my favourites.

Now that we know we are going to still be down here over Winter, I know I am in need of another jumper (sweater for those of you in the US ) ...... and perfect timing as I decided I wanted to knit up another of Laura's patterns - Sleepy Hollow.  Don't you think this photo of our tree outside fits with that name??  I was disappointed that I wasn't able to catch the raindrops coming down, and the fog lifted just as I came out to take the photo! 

Anyhow I pulled some of the yarn out from the stash that I kept here (my stash is now split between here and Maryborough - not really sure how that's going to pan out yet ???)  This yarn is
a country spinners variety, from the Woollen Mill in Wangaratta. I love the shade of mauve, kind of a dusty colour.  It's a DK weight (8ply) for those of you wondering and seems to be knitting up nicely so far, although I'm sure it will slow down a bit when I start on that cable work down the front.
I've had a few people ask about the crochet rug I made for the verandah at Maryborough and I'll be making another blanket using that same design and plan to share it here on the blog.
So that's pretty much been my weekend here, and I have to say it's been delightful lol

Also want to link this post in with "Wool on Sundays", even though I'm a week late!click on the link to go and visit Rainbow Hare!
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Maria said...

Oh how lucky you are to have some rain. We could really do with some..
You sure make the most of the wet weekend watching movies and using some of the beautiful yarns...

Lin said...

Certainly sounds blissful to me! Glad you had a good time - everything is looking delightful and I love that dusky mauve. xx

Susan said...

Sounds like perfect "staying inside working" weather.

Christine M said...

Looks like you've been keeping yourself busy, Sharm.