Saturday, June 24, 2017

Winter Sunshine

I'm sitting here on the veranda of our old Queenslander in Maryborough enjoying the gorgeous sunshine! You wouldn't know it was a winter   fternoon - at 4pm in Bundalong I would be making sure the wood basket was full and the fire stoked up so the house would be warm enough for the evening!  I have my crochet here beside me, I'm working on a cushion cover which will be part of a set for birthday gifts for both son and DIL who have their birthdays a few days apart in August! 
It hasn't all been sitting around though ...... Pete has been busy getting the outside drainage enlarged which entailed pulling out the small one ( after we dug out all the dirt it had in it), digging a trench and installing a larger drainage system.  MEantime I've been busy with the timber kitchen bench tops which were extremely sticky in sections!  After discovering sanding didn't work because of a wax covering, I've had to use boiling water, gumption cleaner, a hard scrubbing brush and a lot of "elbow grease".  Can you see how dirty that water is on the bench tops? So the benchtops will be a much lighter colour and covered with a kitchen grade oil ( like can be used on bread boards). I got one cleaned down when we were here at Christmas time and I've cleaned down another 2 today ( well almost - it takes ages!!!), which leaves one long one to go!

We haven't had much luck with concreters! We thought we would have underneath done during our first week up here,but it seems we may be lucky to even get the quote done before we leave ☹️ I'm quite disappointed about that as I had tried to get it organised from down south about 5 weeks ago,  but little we can do about it!    So only 1 week left, well about 5 days actually before we have to head back down on the 2 day trek ready for work the following week ........ better enjoy our next few days!
Have a great weekend ........oh, and Scruffy says Hi as well - he has recovered well and just waiting for his facial hair to grow back again - thanks to those who asked after him 😘 
Hugs Sharm 


Helen said...

Wow that is a lot of elbow grease the water is murky and I can see the clean sections. Such good news with scruffy xx

Jo said...

I know what you mean about the weather. That's what it is like here. The tables will look great.

Susan said...

That sounds like an awful job - bit one you wont need to do again I'm sure. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

Lin said...

What a lot of hard work but I am sure it will be worth it. The design of the metal work on your balcony looks like it could make a great embroidery design. Enjoy your last few days. xx