Thursday, June 8, 2017

Organised Chaos


Good Morning to all of you who might be popping in to see if I'm still around!  Thankyou to those lovely ladies who have been so kind in dropping a line to check on me since it's been over a month since I last managed a blog post.  I would say we are in an organised state of chaos around here - work has been super busy for the both of us, and we seem to have had some busy weekends, and a few without any internet access which has resulted with blog posting just not happening!  So let me give you a very quick catch up ....

I managed to get the blanket for grandson Jaxson completed during May!   May is also my birthday, just a few days after Mothers Day. It passed by with Pete getting take away Pizza for the night - being a work night and no other friends or family close by. Stace did her first ever ribbon embroidery - actually embroidery of any kind! She confesses to not actually enjoying the sewing process lol

 Parcels arrived from the kids and grandies which was nice

and Pete bought me a lovely shadow box light and a frame for the house name for the new house (unsure what name will go in yet)

 Pete managed to win yet another radio station competition giving us a double pass to Winton Raceway to see the supercars.

Pete managed to win yet another radio station competition giving us a double pass to Winton Raceway to see the supercars.

He has also been super busy doing some loads of wood and finding some burls he's been having a bit of fun with, (some of the designs inside are amazing ) ......

and also finding a couple of slabs of slate which will get made into garden seating for the new house.  He is going to be keeping himself rathe occupied when we do finally sell here and he retires!  I do love that he will have interests to keep him well and truly occupied.

The Beehive Cabin has become the storeroom for the packed boxes and so the beehive has had to have a temporary move inside. 

 In just 8 days time we have a removalist booked to take half our contents up to Maryborough. We will be heading up there for a 2 week "vacation".  I've been kept busy organising and making bookings to have Solar panels and hot water installed; the split system
which we purchased last time is to be installed; concrete quotes for a section under the house ........ and Dad looks like he will catch the train up from Brisbane for a couple of days to visit with us as well.

Meantime our little Scruffy became unwell ........ dental issues requiring some surgery to have 4 or 5 teeth removed -

unfortunately they went a bit crazy with the shears and shaved his face right up past his eyes which was a bit of a shock and we are not totally happy about - sure hope the fur grows back quickly!

As per usual handwork helps to keep me sane!  Although I've certainly been battling with the sewing on the BOM this past month!!!  I've learnt that I do not particularly enjoy sewing little pieces by machine - which has come close to being thrown out the window a number of times this month!!!  I'm now a little behind on the BOM, still attempting to get 40 houses made up to put into 4 rows ....... I really do want to get these done before we leave as I have the June pattern to get completed as well and it will be July when we return from our holiday!  

All I can say is  - thank goodness for YARN!!!!!  Knitting this shawl (a test knit for Laura Aylor called "So happy together" ) was wonderful therapy and its quite a big shawl for any of you who like to be able to wrap around a few times! Love the edges!
Winter has definitely kicked in the past week and so my walking which had improved has become much less this week - less sunlight before and after work and foggy mornings on days off make for slow starts to the day!  After such a long post catching up I'll leave off here as I have today off work and much to get done! Hope you all have a wonderful day
Hugs Sharm xo

Scruffy is too cold and still recovering - he's decided Bed is the best place this morning.........


Jo said...

Good to hear from you.

Lin said...

Happy belated birthday! Well done Stace - ribbon embroidery is not easy! Great blanket for Jaxson, nice finish. Pleased to see you have set yourself up with a little craft area to tide you over. xx

O'faigh said...

Enjoyed catching up with your post Sharm.Our four legged friends feel the cold.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

You are having a busy time at the moment. Good luck with it all. Hope you have some time to relax :)

Anthea said...

Hi Sharm, life does have a way of simultaneously chucking lots at us, doesn't it?! I hope you had a great birthday in amongst it all!