Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Foot Forward, One Foot Back......

At least that is how it seems around here this year!  At least I've managed to finish off knitting my hitchhiker scarf all ready for  me to take off to Bendigo with a group of girls for a few days and visit the Bendigo Wool Show!! 

This is me wearing it to work, and here it is just after it came off the needles........

 My time is somewhat spread this year between several life crises for our family, so the house is showing that quite clearly!!  I have numerous piles of things that are part way being sorted or cleared...... or just piled  because I'm not sure what is actually there!!!  In a smaller home, which we have been in for the past 4 and a bit years....... too many things and the place looks like a "bomb has gone off". 

 Add to the fact that it is winter here with the wood heater going ........ so we have the wood box beside it, the kettles on top keeping water heated for cuppas and dishes, clothes airers in front with loads of washing from the 4 adults currently living here ..........  although, it is quite cosy and when you take a photo it sure looks much nicer lol  (especially since I've managed to take the photo so you can only just see an item of clothing in the corner lol) The chair beside it is actually piled high with the folding I've just done!

Naturally, as any other crafter would know, that does not stop various craftwork from continuing on!!  Knitting is the flavour of the season for me at present and I have several items on needles right now..........  I'm following a couple of KALs on the Beginner Knitting group on Ravellry  in an effort to re aquaint myself with knitting skills after a 23year break!   In the pic the KALs include a woodland cowl (the soft pink) and some slippers (strawberry cream ripple) which will be for daughter.  The yellow cotton is a mystery KAL and we currently have received the first 2 clues. 
The Blue and Grey stipe will be a jumper for DH.    The multi coloured ball is waiting for me to get started on a little baby hat to go with the booties I crocheted up for a long time friend who is having a baby very soon.

There has been a bit of sewing and other stuff happening out in the little cabin, but it's in need of heating out there, plus the items I'm working on are for the Christmas In July hosted by Cheryll.
Which reminds me...... its FNSI this Friday night!  I am so all over the place this year, I've barely remembered which Friday night is the virtual Sew In....... Cheryll has all the details on her blog page which you can find if you just click on the link above. 

Take Care, and have a great day,
Hugs Sharm


Christine M said...

Your scarf is lovely, Sharm. I love your cow kettle sitting on the wood heater.

wendy said...

You have made and are making some great things, a lot more than what I get done lol and I also love that kettle

Narelle said...

Lovely Scarf and have a great few days away.
Apart from your knitting projects, it sounds like you're describing my place :o)

Lynda said...

Sounds like my place!! I have a rack of clothes drying in front of the wood heater at the moment too. But your glass is MUCH cleaner than can actually see the flames through yours :)

Love the scarf!

Interesting you are moving back to knitting. I've mostly knitted over the years, but am now moving back to crochet!

Always time for's what keeps us sane :))


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm your knitting is beautiful and love your scarf,enjoy your evening.xx

Sheryl S. said...

Your scarf is lovely

Farm Gate Creations said...

Love those little bootees...they will make a little one very groovy indeed.