Friday, July 5, 2013

On brain rest

After getting this lovely steel beam fall on my head on Sunday arvo, I went and got it all checked mon morning at the hospital where I work...... No brain bleed or fractures.  I was back at work tues morning and only lasted till lunch time as the concussion let me know it was there!!  The headaches are lessening, as is the dizziness thankfully, but I'm not allowed back to work till next week!  Limited computer time due to the light & brightness from them as well......   So I'm officially on ' brain rest'!! LOL.     So I'm doing a few other things while I'm at home...... Like make some lemon butter with our own lemons and eggs.  
The receipe I have uses just 4 eggs and a half cup of lemon juice, so you end up with just 2 jars... But since you need to keep lemon butter ( curd) in the fridge, this works just fine for me.....although I may have to juice and freeze the other lemons I have here to use later!
Today I think I may cut out a few more hexies and work on paper piecing them.  Not sure as yet what patter I will put them in as there are still a few more swatches coming from the group swap I was in and I want to use all of them together to make a nice table runner...... Well that's the plan at any rate!
Hope everyone else has a great day looks quite cold and windy outside here at my home!


Cheryll said...

Oooh nooo... you better take it easy!!! Sit and enjoy some of that yummy Lemon Butter you made instead of working your brain... :)

Christine M said...

Oh dear, Sharm. That's not good to hear. Glad you weren't too seriously hurt. Of course, you can't do any housework or washing as it will hinder your recovery! Quietly sitting and stitching should be fine. LOL! Take care of yourself. Hugs, Christine

Maria said...

oh no hope you are getting better soon. take it easy..