Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Soaps

After having spent the entire afternoon trying desperately to work out how to get my little soap and natural cleaning line onto facebook........ hmmm, seems I set up a whole separate identity and then worked out it was meant to be a "page" connected to my own FB identity!  I've been struggling with it all for a few weeks, but not had the time to just sit at my VERY slow internet connection (no broadband here!!) and work it out!!  Finally, success........... so the facebook link is currently right at the top left here  "Hazelmere Cottage".  I also have a blog for  Hazelmere Cottage as well and would love to have you come and visit and take a look around at some stage.  It's been very difficult as I don't have funds to pour into getting it up and going really well and certainly cannot afford the hefty product liability insurance.  The soaps are made using olive oil, essential oils and herbs as the main ingredients (no nasties!).  The candle melts are made using bees wax.  Anyhow, I was just sooo excited that I finally worked it out, I just had to tell you all about it and perhaps I will see you at one of these places - do leave a comment if you come over as I plan on having a giveaway to clelbrate - so keep watching :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got it up there....that is something I need to learn to do, make my own soap..but it has to be really good for the skin because my skin is dry and I have sensitive skin as well. I am allergic some of the different things out there.

Cheryll said...

Congrats... some computer "things" have a mind of their own!
Well done on your perseverance too! Good luck with your soaps as well :)

Anonymous said...

Sharm i wish you all the best with your business,i love home made soaps,my sister makes them they smell beautiful.xx