Friday, March 18, 2011

Thankyou Sara

Quite a little while back, I hosted a dishcloth swap on here where we knitted or crocheted some dishclothes in order to help eachother build up a little supply of dishclothes - with variety. It was heaps of fun & I love being able to remember all of this as I pull one out of the drawer!  Well imagine my surprise when these arrived in my mail box earlier in the week. 
 Thankyou so much Sara, they are wonderful.  I will get my crochet hook out & have 2 underway to you very shortly.  Actually the timing is rather great, as I have a couple here that are becoming rather worn, so now I'll be able to move those to the laundry & have the lovely new ones on my kitchen sink :)


Blessed Mom said...

I'm so glad you got them, and again, so sorry it to took me so long to get them to you, but such is the life of busy mothers! Have a blessed day!


Valentina said...

Lovely!!! oh, isn't it wonderful to get our crochet out?

Sharmayne said...

Sara, I have finished crocheting 2 dishcloths ready to swap back to you. Hope to get them out to the post office later this week.
Hugs Sharm