Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anyone with Any Ideas?

It seems our son Jaron & his partner Renee have set a new date for their wedding - 3rd September this year.  Now I'm wondering just what to do for them.  I'd love to give them some sort of keepsake (keeping in mind we have 2 other children yet to get married, so we are setting a kind of benchmark - if you know what I mean).  They live in Townsville - hot & humid most of the year.  I keep jumping from one idea to another, so I thought that maybe some of you might come up with an idea that would work just right.  Remember that I work part time & I'm not the best quilter on the block. Simple & quick would be awsome - it would be best to have it actually completed for the wedding & not their 25th anniversary LOL!   I do love embroidery & applique, so wondering about applique for a queensize bed?  Maybe a wall hanging??  Hmmmmm, really, I have no idea!  Can anyone help?
Hugs Sharm


Lynda said...

If not a bed size quilt, then perhaps a lap quilt for them to snuggle under :o)

Sharmayne said...

I was thinking maybe hexagons, & then today a lady suggested I use 5 1/2" hexies & maybe keep going out from a central hexie