Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On the River & around the garden

Pete finally got to pick up his new boat on Saturday. We got it in Wangaratta & so we made it into a day by stopping in on our way back through Boorhaman to call in on 3 lots of our friends which we haven't had much to do lateley.  It made it into a really nice day out! 
By the time we got to Pat & Judy's place it was after lunch & of course while Pete was out with Pat who was fixing up his sheep, Judy & I took advantage to head around the garden...... naturally!

 I got some of the seed pods for these lovely flowers, so hopefully they will be growing in my garden next year - thanks Judy!

   Judy also sent me home with a tub full of strawberries together with  a nice easy jam receipe which I made up on Sunday arvo. The jam is just delicious!  500gm of strawberries made up 2 jars, but only took about 20 -30 mins all up to make. If anyone want s the receipe just let me know :)

Sunday Morning and it was time to test out the boat on the river, even Scruffy came for a ride and seemed to really love it!

Heading down the Murray River

Pete absolutely loves driving the new fishing boat - built for a bit more comfort to accommodate for our "no longer 20yr old bones"  LOL


Heading back to the boat ramp, just down the road from home!

Cod opening opens on 1st December so lets hope its a great fishing season - we could use some nice fresh fish for dinner!


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Mrs. Doug said...

My new blog address is:
my friend Conny and I have been participating in 30 Days of Thanks. It has been interesting to see what's happening in different ones lives. Sounds like you are enjoying the summer. We had our first snow today. Ice on the roadway and there was an accident on my way to work this morning. I hate to see that. We are all tucked in for winter here in the other hemisphere :)

Hope the fishin' is good!