Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye to Gramps

PJ with Gramps before we left Boorhaman
 Yesterday we had to farewell our beloved dog Gramps who had shared our lives for the past 15 yrs.

 I know he shared his love with quite a few of you as well & I thank you for the way you have all loved our animals - yes, for  those asking - Mitzi (16) &; Scruffy (7) are still with us. 

Pete with the 4 of them back a couple yrs ago in Boorhaman

Gramps was father to Muffin whom we had to put down just 2mths ago, almost to the day.
Sharm & Muffin earlier this year
Gramps is burried just near her in the "rose garden" & we've planted a rose above him named Grandpa's Rose (how appropriate). 

Scruffy misses them both
A big thankyou to the staff at Yarrawonga Vetenary Clinic who were once again, very sympathetic & loving in their approach both to us (Stacey and I who were there) and to Gramps.  The tangerine rose was a lovely thought. 

We love you Gramps.


Monica said...

So sorry, Sharm. (((Hugs)))

Unknown said...

My thoughts are with you Sharmayne. We lost Jack some four and a bit years ago, he was 17!! Kate is still hanging in there at 14 and a bit....not bad for a greyhound! These puppies certainly wiggle their way into our hearts! xxx Sue

Sharmayne said...

Thanks so much, things are certainly quiete around here now. Mitzi 16, sleeps most of the time & poor Scruffy is still at a loss - we are playing "ball" alot more these days LOL.