Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Grandbaby has Arrived!

Our little grandbaby arrived this morning at 10mins to 5.  Renee's waters broke yesterday afternoon around 4pm.  A little boy - Jaxon Eric   8lb 4oz.  both mum & bub are doing well.  I could tell Jaron was in 7th heaven holding his little son :)  No photos yet & as Jarons phone died, we will have to wait till later to be able to do a video call & get to see our little grandbaby.  This is the hardest part when they live so very far away - our first hugs will be in November, so I'm hanging out for that video phone call  LOL

Hugs to all,


Cythia Harris ~ said...

Congratulations! I hope you will be able to hold him soon!

Valentina said...

Sharmayne, Congratulations! Oh what a blessing! Congrats to you Grandma! what a joy...

Mrs. Doug said...

Many congratulations for that new grandbaby. Our grandson has been visiting with us for the past few weeks. He is such a joy. I only have one grandchild so he really does get a little spoiled. His Mom is picking him up August 13 and we will surely miss him!

It is hard to live a long way away from family. I wish we all lived close to one another, but that is the way life is now.

Hope you get to see him soon... send pics when you can.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Dear Sharm.
You left a message on my blog some time ago. Thanks for stopping by.
Congratulations on your new grand child.
Hopefully all is going well.
You make beautiful crafts.
Cheers to another nurse.
Erla in Vienna