Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arrivals at the Homestead

We've had a few arrivals here at the homestead over the past week - Last Friday Pete & I arrived home to find the driveway full .................. 
No parking any cars behind the gates until we fathomed how we were going to be able to manage to turn the 5000 gallon water tank around so we could roll it onto the front lawn........... so much for the truck driver delivering it right onto our tank pad - around the OTHER side of the house!!

  By Saturday afternoon, after much huffing & puffing we managed to finally get it close to the designated resting place - only now we had to work out how to stand it up................. and so, after going to plead the services of a fellow up the road who owned a tractor with fork lift attachments  - Ta Da - one tank upright - hmmm we did think we may have lost the roof as it went upwards - but praise God, it JUST by millimetres fits in under the eaves!!!!  Then we discovered no overflow pipe - so the fitting out is still waiting to take place. Hopefully this will all take place soon as we currently only have a VERY small tank for our drinking & cooking supply!

Thankfully the other arrivals came in wonderful little parcels...............Some cotton wool for making more dishcloths arrived from Janet................

And the PIF from Terry.......Isn't it just wonderful!

So today I've been working on the PIF gifts that I need to be sending out before too long :)  It's made it a very relaxing day of hand sewing mixed with a bit of reading & such - the first time in ages I feel we have actually had a  real "rest day" .  Pray everyone else has had a wonderful day as well.
Hugs Sharm
PS:  A big thankyou from Stacey who is feeling improved & even drove into town today to catch up with some friends (medication carefully stashed in her bag to have at the appointed times  LOL)

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Valentina said...

I dunno what happened to my comment...
Well here's the gist: wow, what a tank-Happy Stacey is feeling better-
wonderful PIF- kisses from me!