Friday, June 23, 2023

Blink and its June!

I'm sure all you have to do these days is simply blink and your already in another month! Here we are midway through June and thankfully FNSI reminded me of such! It was on Friday just gone but before I share what I managed to get up to I best share the prize I received from joining in back in April! I received a $30 gift voucher from Kitty Rose cottage but I wanted to wait till the package turned up so I could share with you how I spent it! I ended up using it to get a pdf pattern, some Hanky Linen which I was keen to try, some stabilizer.  Our 7month old puppy Lucy is forever finding my tissues and spreading them with great glee into thousands of pieces throughout the house, and since I'm one of those who often needs a tissue, I've decided it might be time to head back to the old fashioned hanky! Hence I'm going to try out some of my cottons, but also the hanky linen to see what works best so stay tuned for that over the next couple of months (since my list of things to make and do is quite the long scroll at present!). Thankyou Wendy and Kitty Rose Cottage!

Friday night joining in with FNSI I had decided I was in major need of another apron. I use them

everyday when in the kitchen to protect my clothes and sometimes whilst I'm cleaning as well.  I'm down to just 3 and I prefer my tried and true apron pattern I made up back in the 90's which has served me well. Unfortunately I was unable to locate my pattern so I had to use one of my current aprons to trace up a new paper pattern on some Christmas Wrapping paper which was close at hand lol  I'd already picked out fabrics from my stash earlier in the week when I drew up the pattern, so Friday was just about sewing it up!  Over the next couple of months I'll get around to making another couple so I can have at least 5 on hand - although I'm aiming for 7 - 1 per day enabling me to wait a week before having to wash all the tea towels, kitchen hand towels, crocheted kitchen cloths and the aprons!

So, now lets catch up on a few other things lol ...... like the long weekend at the start of June.  Stacey made a trip up from Melbourne again to spend some time out crayfishing with Pete on the Saturday  - (great to see him finally out in his boat again, although its taken him a week to recover) ......and to head to the big annual Rutherglen Market.  It's the first year I've not had to wear a big coat, and still been cold!  Hard to believe this morning with our current temp outside of -1 degree C.  I picked up a couple of nice scarves/wraps which are super soft and nice and warm and a few other day to day items that took my fancy.

I'd made sure to have the crocheted rug finished for Buttercup so it would be ready when Stace came
up.  She sent me a short video and some photos when she got back home and it seems that even a few weeks on the crocheted rug is still Buttercup worthy !

Lucy has 2 crocheted blankets that have become "hers" lol  I don't think there is anything quite the same as a hand crocheted or knitted blanket made with love and prayers to snuggle up in!

The other excitement for June was my sister Kathy from New Zealand came over for about 10 days.  They had put there names down on a house sitting site and a house in Mulwala (about 30mins from here) got in contact with them to see about house sitting for 3 months initially - but that was a bit much so Kathy came for 10 days and the whole family plan to come back to the house again in September. It allows them free accommodation and use of the vehicles (needed when they are 30-40 mins drive from here).  So Kathy was able to spend time coming to see Dad which he enjoyed.  It was great to have some time together and for her to understand  how he is going these days. And with that I best get this posted as its taken yet another week to get the photos to download to the blog!



Lin said...

Nice catchup Sharm - great family visits and the apron looks very smart. xx

Judy S. said...

Great to hear from you! You are right about how fast the days go by, in a flash. Nice photos!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Good to see Pete getting back to doing things he loves. Nice to have the family visits, too. Good job on the apron and the bunny rug. He looks very cozy. Good to see the smiling faces. x K