Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rain and Storms .....

We've had storm and even Tornado warnings coming through over the past couple of days - I was blessed that these came through on Thursday arvo and hubbie gave me a phone call at work just as I was about to finish for the day.  Luckily he came to pick me up as it just began spitting rain.  While storm and Tornado warnings came through on our phones, we had time to "batten down the hatches" so to speak (including putting the new car under the house for protection from hail).  
While many areas really got a lashing, we were lucky here - we got hail (no damage), wind and lots of rain - lots of rain ....... This large bowl I'd painted up a few weeks back has been sitting waiting for me to put water in - the plan is to get a solar pump, another plant and a couple of goldfish - but the rain has now filled it! ........
 its the first real downpour we've had since moving here so we were able to see if the work we did on the drains worked ...... a massive improvement!  Just a small amount still coming through in one section under the house (which Pete has now attended to).  Being on a slight hill enables most of the water to drain away pretty quickly (something we considered quite carefully when we were looking to purchase up here). Scruffy has not been impressed with so much rain and took to sulking under his blanket last night! lol, it was soo cute I couldn't help but snap a photo!

 So with the weather continuing to be wet and rainy ....... its the perfect time for handicrafts!  I
spent a good amount of yesterday working on "Down the Rabbit Hole".  These large borders are all handstitched using needleturn - they appear to be taking a   very   long ..... long     time!!!!!  There are 4 large borders - thankfully the first one is almost complete with the other 3 in various stages!

And now I've suddenly come to the realization that as of today there are just 10 Weeks and 2 days left till Christmas!!!   Now while that may still make for a number of "shopping days" ..... let me tell you it is not much when it comes to handmade gifts!!  With all that's been going on this year I have to say that Christmas Planning has been very much on the back burner!!  I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve - guess we shall see!  I've made a start on this cowl which I'm hoping will be in somebody's Santa Sack.

I seem to have a few things that are sitting on needles at present -
 they will likely continue sitting now while I tend to Christmas gift giving lists.  Somehow I have this feeling these next 10 weeks are going to fly!!
I wonder how all of you are going with your christmas gift planning?  I used to be well organised but the last couple of years with all the changes and living day to day put much of that type of planning aside ....... I'm def hoping to get planning ahead back into daily practice come next year - but for now I'd best make the most of the next 10 weeks!!

Have a fruitful weekend my friends!


Sharm xo


Lin said...

Hi Sharm. Good to hear from you. Glad you weathered the storm. Lovely border for your Rabbit hole quilt. I started out being ahead for Christmas but life - two sick parents - got in the way and now I shall be scrabbling to get everything done. At least I know what needs to be done. xx

Maria said...

Was thinking of you when I heard of the stormy weather in Bundaberg.. Pleased all ok.
The Rabbit Down the Hole looks great and have fun with the knitting.

Susan said...

Hi there - I've been very tardy about blog posts lately but have caught up on your news now - so much has happened!
Great to hear you are all sorted and settled now.

Unknown said...

Love the 'down the rabbit hole. There was a lot a damage from the tornado I see when driving into Maryborough. Glad you did okay through the bad weather.