Monday, December 12, 2016

Itching for Stitching

My own design from years past
Since we don't know just when our house here might sell, and given the amount of "stuff" we have, we decided we should declutter and pack as much as possible at the same time.  This basically means a good amount of material and yarn and goodies  from the Beehive Cabin have been packed into boxes.  I came across this hot water bottle cover I made for our daughter years ago with a little stitchery that I designed (including the little bears that I made up)....... I still think its cute - and I haven't done any wool embroidery for years - perhaps I should get back to it as I don't think my little design looks too bad.  Naturally I've ensured leaving a certain amount of goodies out to continue to work on until such time as we do actually sell.  I have many patterns and lots of things that have been sitting while I've been so busy the past couple of years, so I had to really consider what I would keep out.  Hexies have been kept out since they are so easy to pick up and work on ...... apparently I have a few Hexie projects going .........
including my lovely bloggy tablecloth that includes hexies from any blogging friends or penpal friends who felt inclined to make one for me.  I'm working on making each of those into a lovely flower to go on the tablecloth. 
From my garden
I kept out a small box of little UFO's luckily as I've just had to quickly finish off a little Christmas ornament to post away - naturally I was so busy getting it ready to post, I've forgotten to take a photo of it!  Guess that means I need to make another one.  Mind you, I did have to go purchase a new glue gun so I could attach the little star to the top of it - oh well, I really did need a new one of those.  I've just begun to feel a little sense of "freedom" to a point, in that I can actually take some time out and relax - to a point. 

And before I'd managed to get this post finished (sometimes it takes me a few days to get a post up), Hubbie put forward the idea of making a few changes to our Christmas plans ....... So now we are heading down to Melbourne next weekend to the daughters for Christmas with her and her partner - a first since usually the kids come to us for Christmas lunch before they all have to rush off to other venues.  So they are excited as it will mean we get some quality time with them and they have an easier Christmas Day as well!  Then we plan to head north to our new home to spend a bit of time there - Scruffy will be coming with us on both trips which means he won't be fretting!

So of course I know I'll be itching for some stitching during all that time, so I need to work out just what bits I'll be taking along with me - I need crochet for the long car trip (I'm thinking cotton squares of some type to put together for a throw rug for the new veranda ??), and I think the hexies (of one size or project ) should definitely be coming along.............  in fact I'm almost thinking perhaps I should be doing some embroidery items??????
Outside my  Beehive Cabin, Bundalong


Jo said...

Good idea to pack a few crafts. Slow down for Christmas and enjoy

Susan said...

You'll sort it - crocheting is good for car travel - I can't sew but I can knit or crochet.

Lin said...

Your embroidery is gorgeous - I definitely think you should be doing some more! Christmas is going to be really great - I hope you have a wonderful time. xx