Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums and grandmothers out there including all the step mums and step grandmothers who also play such an important role in so many lives!  I hope you all can find a bit of time today to do something just for yourself! 

Let's hope you did - I had hoped to write this post this morning, but it seems my laptop is on borrowed time - it seems to just pack up on the spur of the moment now, and doesn't like doing some of the things I request from it.

Dear daughter sent me instructions to go purchase these lovely pots of chrysanthemums

In past years she usually gives me them herself on Mothers Day, but now she no longer lives close it's a bit more tricky.  I sent her photos of some of the ones from past years - I love having some of them in pots around my "Beehive/Cabin" to look at while I work on my sewing or craftwork

FNWF is always a good reason to give those projects the extra push.  So I've linked in with them again and managed to finish off the shawl made from the bunny yarn ....... it's been one of those projects that got put aside and I actually forgot about it for a while.  It will be heading up to my mum in Qld as a Mothers Day gift.

Walking down the street the other day while out running some errands this little treasure caught my eye ...... This lovely jug and bowl set was sitting in the window of a second hand shop and for just $8 I was able to bring it home with me and fill it with some roses from our garden.  With lovely autumn weather close coming to an end, these could be our last show of roses for the season.

It's been raining here all day today, with the temps slowly getting lower ....and finally just now we have lit the fire as it's meant to be raining for a few more days yet which will lower the temps.  I can't remember us ever being so late in the season before lighting the fire.  It does tend to make it feel so much cosier in here now.  Scruffy thinks so too!


Maria said...

Lovely crysanthemums . Great flowers that have a great show for ages....
I am sure your Mum will love the shawl..
Scruffy does look very cosy...

Helen said...

Beautiful flowers beautiful shawl, hope you had a lovely day Sharmayne :)

Christine M said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Sharm. Your flowers look beautiful.