Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last Chance and FNSI

Yep,  this is your last chance if you are a follower and if you haven't left a comment in the past 2 posts to take part in my giveaway to celebrate my 5th Blog Anniversary !!  It's quite a milestone and to think I have over 100 followers is simply amazing, so it's only fair that I share the love. Tomorrow (Monday - Australian time), I'll be drawing out the 3 winners.

And speaking of winners, I had a lovely surprise when a package arrived in the mail not so long ago - I was a winner with the December OPAM and received this lovely little kit from Kris of Tagalong Teddies

After a year of knitting I was hoping by the end of this year I might have skills enough to be able to volunteer to do a test knit for a designer, so I was super excited (and nervous) when Laura Aylor mentioned she had a test knit open for an easier knit - and even more of both when I was accepted as one of her testers ...... so I've been busily trying to work on it to have it completed by the 16th Feb ! Eeeek, not too many days away!!!   So  with FNSI this is what was keeping me busy all night!!

 I do have to add that I'm really enjoying this knit and love the way it's shaping up - knit from the neck down in one piece - so no sewing bits together after you finish knitting which I find a massive plus!!   Laura has some fabulous knitted patterns - you can find her on Ravelry where she has a group and holds knit alongs to assist with anyone knitting up her patterns.  If you are not familiar with Ravelry, you can click on her name it will take you to her blog.

I actually have 2 other knits going at present which are both Laura's patterns - currently on hold while I get the test knit completed - I'm happy with the way the this sleeveless dress is beginning to shape up considering I'm using yarns I have in my stash!

"City in Winter" - a sleeveless dress by Laura Aylor Designs
Back to knitting for a bit before I head to bed - I'll be back tomorrow to draw the winner - Good Luck everyone!!


creations.1 said...

Congratulations on being chosen as a test knotter - I love how your test piece is looking!! A knitted dress!!! Wow you are a keen knitter!!

Christine M said...

Congratulations on your win, Sharm. The purple is a gorgeous colour. I'm sure you'll get it finished by the 16th.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm you are such an awesome knitter,i must get back to my knitting,hope you have a lovely day xx