Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rainy Saturdays

I woke to rain this morning, I love the sound of rain on the roof.  As it turned out it rained off and on all day with lower temps making it quite chilly outside.  After a quick trip to town this morning for groceries and a couple of errands I was pleased to get back home, stoke up the fire and make sure the kettle was sitting atop.  We are lucky to have a wood combustion heater that has a top on which I can pop the kettles of water on, and also, like I did today...... popped on a baking dish filled with lamb chops and lots of veg, covered with alfoil and away it cooked!
I did some extra work on my knitted hitchhiker scarf, and also managed another few rows of the stripey crocheted  afghan that will live in the little cabin.
Speaking of the little cabin........ it has the vinyl flooring down (an end of roll piece that was just the right size and less than half price since they wanted to get rid of it), and we picked up a great little sofa that opens up into a bed for visitors.  We priced new ones early in the week (after Pete had finished at the hospital with this last lot of biopsies), and found most places were asking between $800 - $1000!!  We decided to have a look at a second hand furniture shop which had the same prices as the new stuff, and then on an off chance popped into the Opp Shop....... and found this great little sofa that was in such fantastic condition.  Pete went back the next day to collect it, and discovered it was just $50!!!  And look how well it suits!  I can't believe how well everything has blended in together...... even the little stool which I bought from the market ages ago when we only had the frame up, so had it stored away.  

So now I'm just in the process of getting things into place.  It will all be ready in time for my birthday this coming Friday, and I'm hoping to have a little craft cabin christening to celebrate.
I feel so blessed to have this little space that I will be able to disappear into, and a space that we can have visitors stay overnight in.
Before I go, I also wanted to say Thankyou to Deanna, a wonderful friend from overseas who sent me this lovely dishcloth .....  
Wishing all the mums and grandmothers a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow.........
Hugs   Sharm xo


Christine M said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Sharm.

Lynda said...

The cabin is looking wonderful!!

I will have a craft room in my new house...if I ever get into it!!

Happy Mother's Day to you too :)


Mrs. Doug said...

It's a wonderful crafting space. I'm so happy that you are getting it done so soon... of course it probably doesn't feel "so soon" to you. I wish you a happy belated "Mommy Day" too. Hope you are all doing well. Stay warm.

Chookyblue...... said...

the space is coming along well........bargain lounge


What a lovely blog Sharm! I enjoyed reading about your very special friends and family - my but you are certainly blessed! I'm catching up on blog visits from Vicki's recent Grow Your Blog party and I'm now following your blog. I hope you will visit mine soon. Cindy from