Friday, December 21, 2012

Snail Mail

Hi everyone,  Seems I can no longer add photos to my blog without having to pay a fee and I don't really wish to start doing that...... so not sure just yet what I will do in that respect.  However on another note,  I have to say that I just love snail mail.   The group I am part of is opened  for a very short time to receive some new members.  It does have a couple of stipulations - you need to be female, Christian and be willing to commit to snail mail and round robins (with the occassional swap thrown in) for at least 1 year.  If you think this interest you and you would love to see some snail mail arriving in your mail box just let me know by either a comment left here, an email to me    or you can click on the link in the sidebar (make sure you tell a bit about yourself and where you live.   The snail mail group covers oversees as well as within Australia.


Anonymous said...

oh it will be a shame Sharm,the same happened to me and i am paying $2.19 a month.I wish you luck with your group and merry xmas to you and your family.xx

monique's mess said...

It happened to me and after some investigation your photos are free if you keep within a certain pixel size.I looked through blogger and google.
When you up load photos there is the choice to add photos from picassa where your photos are stored. I bet you'll find you've up loaded a lot of double photos, you can delete them and create space. Just go back and check through your pages to find out if you have eliminated them also from your blog
I'm not currently paying for extra space but I dont have the luxury of uploading larger photos - maybe when I'm famous I'll be able to afford to do this. Stay on line.. Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

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